The 2nd Eternal Knowledge Festival comes to Atherstone, Warks, 4th-6th July 2014.

A big thank you to all those who helped to make the 2nd Eternal Knowledge Festival at Purley Chase a great success. Wonderful speakers, an appreciative audience, a lovely venue (with great food) – a lot to enjoy and absorb… 

This time we focussed on the links between ancient societies, like the Egyptians, and the Hermetic (eternal) wisdom that has influenced European culture through the centuries. We had talks and workshops on ancient technology, Egypt and the stone of destiny, psychedelics and pharaohs, Medieval heresies, C17th Rosicrucianism, Carl Jung and hermeticism, concepts of the state ancient and modern, Tarot and the Hermetica, and sacred geometry.

**Please note that Pentos TV will be posting links so you can purchase DVDs of the talks.**

Speakers & Presenters

We welcomed back Gregory Sams. Our new speakers included Marcus Allen, Patricia Awyan, Tom Bree, Paul Devereux, Gary Evans, Adrian Gilbert, Gary Lachman, Christopher McIntosh, Karen Ralls, Diana Taylor - and, at the last minute, Tobias Churton,  renown scholar on the British esoteric tradition, as sadly we had to cancel Brien Foerster due to uncertainty over our Skype connection to him.

The venue*

We chose Purley Chase centre for many reasons. It is close to the geomantic heart of England and where Boudicca had her last stand against the Roman army. This Swedenborg retreat is in a lovely peaceful setting of its own and has a welcoming atmosphere. We were able to take our meals together and there were well-priced shared rooms available so you could stay on site. This informal and relaxing venue is in many ways close to the original model that John Agnew created for ‘Stars and Stones’ near Bury St Edmunds.

There is plenty of parking at Purley Chase and it is easy to get to. It is close to main roads. Nuneaton mainline railway station is a short taxi-ride away. There are over 80 campsites within a 20 mile radius of the venue, as well as B&Bs nearby.

Purley Chase offers shared on-site rooms available on a ‘first come first served’ basis, bookable only through Eternal Knowledge Festival.  The price of accommodation will include all meals for the whole weekend. Please contact us directly for more information ( Ticket for the whole weekend conference: £89, excluding accommodation and meals.

* Please note. If you were expecting to come Greenwich University, London, very regrettably we have had to change venues (with most but not all speakers; see below). We had hoped to reserve on-site accommodation at Greenwich but have belatedly discovered, much to our disappointment, that no rooms are available this year. So please join us in our new venue. It is only about an hour from London Euston by train.

Montage from Eternal knowledge Festival 2012

Montage from Eternal Knowledge Festival 2012


bullet_flower_1 The format was the same as 2012, with talks and workshops, and we continued to explore the historical background and perennial philosophy. This time we tracked ‘perennial philosophy’ through the centuries with its impact on European culture.

bullet_flower_2 Ancient History

Ancient history -  Marcus Allen contributed further ideas about these great cultures with a presentation on ancient technology;  Adrian Gilbert talked about the stone of destiny and Egypt; Gregory Sams examined the state of the State, a comparison ancient and modern cities.

bullet_flower_3 History

History - Karen Ralls focussed on  ’A fountain of heresy’: The arts, the Inquisition, and late medieval society’, and what knowledge it was that the Church was so keen to suppress. Christopher McIntosh gave us an insight into why Rosicrucianism of the C17th was a “missed opportunity”.

bullet_flower_4 Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry -  Tom Bree, a modern geometer, ran a workshop on the patterns that we find in our sacred sites and classical architecture that are the visual manifestation of ancient knowledge.


Metaphysics - that underpin civilisation: Paul Devereux explored the connections between psychedelics, pharaohs and ancient city cultures; Patricia Awyan touched on the spiritual aspects of key Egyptian places. Gary Evans reported on his experiences at powerful sacred sites and why people feel compelled to visit them. His multimedia presentation included sound recordings from the Great pyramid; Diana Taylor ran a workshop on Tarot and the Hermetica; Gary Lachman discussed the links between the Hermetica, archetypes and Carl Jung.

Please take a look at the “presenters” page for the full details of our speakers and their lectures. If you have any questions please drop us a line via the contact form on the right hand side of this page.


Example lecture from EKF 2012. Raymond Catchpole -

What the environment can tell you if you listen.